Brands at QODA Dance

Brands at QODA Dance

We have come across many dancewear brands from around the world, big and small, in our curation adventures, all having something unique about them - it is a very exciting world of dancewear out there!

After lots of research (we have definitely used curation as an excuse to expand our personal dancewear collection..!), we are pleased to offer items from these amazing brands (in alphabetical order):

Bullet Pointe

Bullet Pointe comes from the USA and makes high quality, contemporary dancewear that make you look, feel and perform your best. We particularly like their reversible "trash bag" shorts and pants - all the nice colours and they really keep you warm! (We have even worn them around the house when it got too cold)


Mihorobe's dancewear are made in Korea and are very elegant. We especially like their flower print items! A lot of their designs include bra pockets that allow you to slot in your bra cups if you desire. This feature is really great for those who would feel more comfortable in a leotard having the option to add a little bit more coverage.

Sisira Dancewear

Newly introduced to our collection are the beautiful flowy chiffon skirts from Sisira Dancewear. They mainly focus on chiffon skirts and all their items are handmade in Thailand. We really like their unique skirt designs - look at those colours!

Solo Dancewear

Solo Dancewear comes from Germany. Their designs are very modern and stylish and feel really comfortable on. Their leotards are also fully lined in the front, which provide coverage and avoid the mid-torso elastic line that you sometimes get with half-lined leotards.

We are of course continuing with our curation adventures to expand our offering. Feel free to let us know if there are any brands/designs that you would like us to look out for using our contact form, and watch this space!