Why you should start ballet as an adult

Why you should start ballet as an adult

You may have wanted to learn ballet as a kid but didn't get the chance. You may have gone to the ballet for the first time as an adult and have taken an interest in the art form. You may be into the ballet core fashion style. You may be learning other forms of dance or sport and think ballet could complement your training. You may have friends who do ballet. Or you just really like ballet.

All in all, you are thinking of starting to learn ballet as an adult. But you are nervous and hesitant. You might be thinking 'I'm stiff, I'm not fit, I'm too old, I'm not elegant, I'm not musical, I'm uncoordinated' etc etc. 

As adult ballet dancers ourselves, we want to let you know, it's never too late to start ballet! In fact, if you go to one of the many ballet studios catered for adult dancers around the world, you will easily spot dancers of all ages across different dance levels!

Still feeling unsure? Here are some more reasons why you should start looking up dance studios and signing yourself up to your first ever ballet class.

Physical fitness. You don't have to be strong, fit or flexible. Through going to ballet classes, you slowly build strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and stamina. 

PostureBallet emphasises on proper posture, alignment, and body awareness. Learning ballet can help improve your posture both in and out of the studio. You will quickly realise that you are standing taller and you are hunching your back less after doing ballet regularly.

Flexibility. No, you do not need to be able to do the splits to dance ballet. In fact, proper posture and technique should always take precedence over height of the leg. However, as you start going to classes more regularly, you gradually increase your range of motion, making everyday movements easier and reducing the risk of injury.

Stress relief. Like any form of exercise, ballet can be a great stress reliever. By focusing on the body movements, beautiful music, and technique, you can escape from the stresses of daily life. In fact, a lot of students will tell you they go to ballet class for stress relief. 

Artistry. Ballet is both a sport and an art form. Learning ballet allows you to explore your creativity, emotions, and interpretation of music through movement.

Brain challenge. Ballet works more than just your physicality. It also stimulates you mentally. In ballet classes, you learn new steps and sequences all the time. And if you go to repertoire class, you will even get to learn longer choreographies.

The ballet community. While we would like everyone to love ballet like we do here at QODA Dance, sometimes it may be hard to meet fellow ballet enthusiasts in your day to day life. Going to ballet classes mean you get to meet and hang out with fellow ballet lovers. We have found the adult ballet community to generally be very friendly, inclusive and encouraging.

Ballet fashion. If you are into fashion like us, ballet will lead you into a whole new world of ballet fashion. We are talking stylish leotards, flowy skirts, comfy and colourful warm up gear, beautiful tutus.

Just, why not? If you are interested in ballet, why not just give it a go? What is there to lose, right?